Doing God's Work with Our Hands

"Doing God's Work with Our Hands."

God is using our hands to serve other people, both locally and globally, and God is changing lives through the ministries of Christ's Lutheran Church and its partnerships with others.

Our Mission Support enables missionaries in more than forty countries to continue their ministry, and our partnerships with the ELCA World Hunger Appeal and Lutheran Disaster Response help us to provide emergency aid and badly needed support where it's needed most. We continue to value our partnerships with Heifer International and our local women's shelter. But members and friends of Christ's Lutheran Church are active in the surrounding community, too. We collect food for two food pantries, support the mission of a local homeless shelter, and even pack boxes of food at our local community food bank. We provide financial assistance to those who are traveling through difficult times through our Family Fund and offer support and care to many people who are homebound. Our ministry of caring for those who are hospitalized and grieving stretches across the country; and our Prayer Shawl ministry provides comfort and a reminder of God's presence during hard and difficult times. We are also excited about the opportunity to host several support groups that offer care to people who are struggling with addictions. We are just as excited to invite small children to experience the joy of music as they participate in Kindermusik, and we are glad host two small but growing troops of Girl Scouts.

We are, lastly, committed to ensuring that Christ's Lutheran Church remains a welcoming Christian community that encourages faith-filled living, deepening friendships, and life-changing opportunities to do God's work. We continue to have a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of people both inside and outside our building. And our ministries highlight a holistic approach to serving others as God uses our hands to change lives - one act of kindness at time.