Teen Ministries


Confirmation classes give teenagers the opportunity to more deeply explore their faith and build a strong foundation for living into God's plan for the rest of their lives. Teenagers are invited to study the Bible more deeply, learn more about Lutheranism, and ask hard questions that have no easy answers.

Youth Group

Teenagers and youth are invited to learn and to have fun in different ways. We presently offer teenagers an opportunity to join in fellowship and to enjoy a monthly pizza party during our break during Confirmation classes. We also sponsor special events where young people can gather to enjoy snow tubing, ice skating, and bowling. Pastor Wayne is also committed to engaging young people in casual conversations about important issues that they face in their lives and at school.


We are pleased to offer young people a chance to grow and express their faith both inside and outside of the church building. We invite young people to work together at the Westmoreland County Food Bank and recently sponsored a Mission Trip where young people had an opportunity to work together and to reflect upon their faith. We hope to have another Mission Trip for teenagers in the near future!